eloe omoe live and play in los angeles
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Jan 29 2015: w/ Body/Head, Syko Friend
at The Echo, 1822 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

Feb 7 2015: w/ Peter Kolovos-Carlos Giffoni-Chris Corsano, Marcia Bassett
at (the) handbag factory, 1334 s. grand ave, los angeles

recent past:

Oct 2 2014: A Stone for Jack Parsons w/ Vortal Curb, Nora Keyes, Chokmah Binah, Cat 500, New Native at Industrial Estate, 2552 E. Walnut Street, Pasadena

June 25 2014: w/ Telecaves, Power Mallet, Plastic Hand
at Human Resources, 410 Cottage Home Street, Chinatown, Los Angeles

June 22 2014: w/ Three Brained Robot, A:Pfeffer Kwitter, Vortal Curb
at sick haus, 1810 sichel street, lincoln heights, los angeles

June 19 2014: w/ Diagram:Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase, Lucky Dragons
at (the) handbag factory, 1334 s. grand ave, los angeles, ca 90015

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nearly complete live action list

12.xx.96fat day houseSomerville, MAw/ lightning bolt, pissed officers, shriek
12.xx.97kirkland cafeSomerville, MAw/ blindmitre
12.xx.98harvest co-opAllston, MAw/ deerhoof, bullroarer, peeled hearts paste, skabs
02.xx.98satan's coveAthens, GAw/ static faction
05.xx.985star dayAthens, GAw/ neptune
06.xx.98choppin' blockBoston, MAw/ bullroarer, ludes, love handlers
xx.xx.xxobrien's pubAllston, MAw/ bullroarer, juicifer
xx.xx.xxartspaceGloucester, MAw/ that's all she wrote
xx.xx.xxartspaceGloucester, MAw/ the 914
07.03.98farrington streetAllston, MAw/ bullroarer, 25 suaves
03.xx.99goodman street houseCharlottesville, VAw/ oneida, raw dog, cherry valance
xx.xx.99basement showAllston, MAw/ fear fire
xx.xx.99basement showAllston, MAw/ the 914, krakow
xx.xx.9954 franklinAllston, MAw/ bullroarer, fat day
05.30.00flywheelEasthampton, MA(eloe omoe with jeremy harris) w/ angst hase ffeffer nase, bumblebee
01.xx.00lower east side rooftopNew York, NY
11.xx.99the distillerySouth Boston, MA
xx.xx.00the distillerySouth Boston, MAw/ defecation
spr00massachussetts college of artBoston, MAw/ due process, pleasurehorse w/ mat brinkman
03.18.00Bulb ClubhouseProvidence, RIw/ 25 suaves, wet look bullet theory
08.xx.00Bulb ClubhouseProvidence, RIw/ sightings, fat day
08.xx.00PudhouseCharlottesville, VAw/ usaisamonster, fat day
xx.xx.xxPhiladelphia, PAw/ lightning bolt, fat day
10.xx.00Twisted VillageCambridge, MA
07.xx.01155 Amory St.Jamaica Plain, MAw/ usaisamonster, tanqueray
09.06.01Good/Bad Art CollectiveBrooklyn, NYPhi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour w/ Laundry Room Squelchers, Doersam, Ovo, ORTHO, Newton, Pengo, Newcenturyschoolbook.com, Asthmatic, U can unlearn guitar   w/ Lotus, Vera Mere, MAdame Chao, Xela Zaid
09.07.01Dot Dash RecordsPhiladelphia, PAPhi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour w/ Doersam, Pengo, Ovo, Asthmatic, Newcenturyschoolbook.com, U can unlearn guitar, ORTHO, Newton, Laundry Room Squelchers   w/ Temple of Bon Matin, Demonophonic, Lotus
09.08.01M.O.C.A.Washington, DC Phi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour w/ Pengo, Newcenturyschoolbook.com, Doersam, U can unlearn guitar, Newton, Asthmatic, Ovo, Eloe Omoe, ORTHO, Laundry Room Squelchers   w/ Rake, Lotus
09.09.01Millvale Industrial TheaterPittsburgh, PAPhi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour w/ U can unlearn guitar, ORTHO, Doersam, Newton, Asthmatic, Newcenturyschoolbook.com, Pengo, Ovo, Laundry Room Squelchers   w/ Lotus, Manheringbone
09.09.01MadlabColumbus, OHPhi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour w/ Doersam, U can unlearn guitar, Newcenturyschoolbook.com, Asthmatic, Pengo, Ovo, ORTHO, Temple of Bon Matin, Laundry Room Squelchers   w/ Larry Marotta/Spencer Yeh, Dixie Prix
09.10.01Speak in TonguesCleveland, OHPhi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour w/ Asthmatic, Newcenturyschoolbook.com, Doersam, U can unlearn guitar, Pengo, Ovo, Temple of Bon Matin, ORTHO, Laundry Room Squelchers   w/ Dixie Prix, Scam Carnage vs Teenage Grandpa, Washout Corporation
09.11.01Fireside BowlChicago, ILPhi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour w/ Newcenturyschoolbook.com, Doersam, Asthmatic, Ovo, Pengo, U can unlearn guitar, Unconditional Loathing, ORTHO, Laundry Room Squelchers   w/ Panicsville, Temple of Bon Matin, Dixie Prix, Zenith Flytrap
09.15.01Hive ArchiveProvidence, RI w/ Manbeard, Cathy Cathodic, Lotus, Phi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour (Danse Asshole, Ovo, Laundry Room Squelchers, Doersam, Unconditional Loathing, Finkbeiner, Newton, Newcenturyschoolbook.com, U can unlearn guitar, ORTHO)
09.17.01Berwick Research InstituteBoston, MA Phi-Phenomena on Wheels Tour w/ Stelzer & Talbot Duo, Doersam, Unconditional Loathing, Finkbeiner, U can unlearn guitar, Newcenturyschoolbook.com, Ovo, ORTHO, Laundry Room Squelchers   w/ MC Cathy Cathotic, Xela Zaid, Jeanne Bressner
09.26.01Abbey LoungeSomerville, MAw/ My Name is Rar Rar, Lozenge, Miniwatt
10.20.01massachusetts college of artBoston, MAw/ Can't, Howard Stelzer and Jason Talbot, Karlheinz, Box Patrol, Max Lord, Donna Parker,
11.30.01record hospital festTufts University Medford, MAw/ Nautical Almanac, Keith Fullerton Whitman/Greg Davis, Kill the Man Who Questions, The Lotus, The 914, Neptune, Life Detecting Coffins, Anton Bordman, Melee, Wolves, ABCS, ...And I Can't Wait, MAdadayo, Jane Speed, Moment, A Trillion Barnacle Lapse, Off Minor, Revolution Summer, Sadaharu, The Deadly
12.23.01obriensAllston, MAw/ crank sturgeon, neptune
02.xx.02berwick Roxbury maw/ rusty nail's undershorts film fest, xander marro
xx.xx.02obriensAllston, MAw/ pleasurehorse, karlheinz
04.19.02advocate houseCambridge, MAw/ wolf eyes, noise nomads, can't, mc cathy cathodic
05.19.02obriensAllston, MAw/ numbers, coachwhips, young sexy assassins
05.xx.02candle factoryProvidence, RIw/ laser beast (lightning bolt) usa is a monster, jamborghini, disco talons
06.07.02berwick research instituteRoxbury, MAw/ lightning bolt, triple velcro
07.20.02Dirt PalaceProvidence, RIw/ Karlheinz, Neptune, ROBOTVOICE, To Hell With The Difference
10.12.027 Sherman St.Charlestown, MA.a night for naked eardrums w/ No Neck Blues Band, Six Organs of Admittance, Sunburned Hand of the Man, Mountains of Mattalama, Flaherty-Corsano-Heyner, The Samurai
12.06.02Cabot underground theatre harvard universitycambridge, MA Record Hospital Fest w/ emil beaulieau, lucky dragons, la drugs, tan as fuck, fuerza x (guatemala), balboa, munin/landscape, unicoroner
12.22.02Berwick Research InstituteRoxbury, MA(Eloe Omoe vs Ground Monkeys) w/ Mammal vs Viki, Gold vs Extreme Animals, Kites vs Monster Attacks King Noise, Throne of Blood vs Sadaharu
01.14.03middle eastCambridge, MAw/ thurston moore/brian chippendale duo, heathen shame, life partners
01.19.03flywheelEasthampton, MAw/ flaherty/corsano duo, heathen shame
02.08.03WMBR sin qua noiseCambridge, MA
06.04.03common groundBrattleboro, VTw/ usaisamonster, ground monkeys
06.06.03nom d'artisteBoston, MAw/ usaisamonster, fatday, kites
06.20.03dudley electricRoxbury, MA(eloe omoe w/ david gross) w/ aaron dilloway, emil beaulieau(?), stelzer/talbot duo, I8U
07.04.03 ed wilcox's housenear Philadelphia, PAw/ temple of bon matin, bailey's band
08.02.03unitarian universalist campwestern massw/ extreme animals, dr doo
11.01.03 midway cafeJamaica Plain, MA[eloe omoe as godheadsilo]
11.22.03Newsonic Headquarters Williamsburg, NYw/ Aa, Krakatoa, Dynasty
12.09.03midway cafejamaica plain, MAw/ peeled heart paste, kites, xela zaid, vic rawlings/donna parker duo
02.13.04First Parish Church in CambridgeCambridge, MAw/ Tunnel of Love, Vaz, The Mules
02.28.04house showtivloi, nyw/ usaisamonster
02.29.04fort awesomeBrooklyn, NYw/ usaisamonster, mouthus, kiyo butai (chris corsano/matt heyner duo)
03.10.04esprit d'corpsJamaica Plain, MAw/ sunburned hand of the man, coachwhips, dreamhouse
03.22.04midway cafeJamaica Plain, MA[heathen shame big band = heathen shame + eloe omoe] w/ animal collective, air conditioning
03.25.04advocate houseCambridge, MAw/ taiwan deth, crystal cock over canada, girls of summer, def neg
03.26 04jeff the pigeonAllentown, PAw/ taiwan deth, kind spade
03.27 042121 S. BancroftPhiladelphia, PAw/ max noi mach, ground monkeys, MAx katz
04.09.04HOSSAllston, MAw/ Fat Day, Goat Of Arms, Reaccion, Negative Dialectics, The Profits
05.30.04midway caf_Jamaica Plain, MAw/ Magik Markers, Fat Day, Crystal Cock Over Canada
07.01.04394 Centre St.Jamaica Plain, MAw/ Nautical Almanac, Noise Nomads, Yours Truly, Crystal Cock over Canada, Dark
07.10.04HOSSAllston, MAw/ Vampire Belt, Animal, Belltone Suicide, Newton
09.10.04nom d'artisteBoston, MAw/ no doctors, air conditioning, heathen shame, haunted house, foodwall
10.16.04nom d'artisteBoston, MAw/ OVO, DREAMHOUSE, grey skull
03.15.05midway cafeJamaica Plain, MAw/ corsano/yeh/kolovos trio, secret diary
03.25.05okie streetProvidence, RIw/ decaer penga
04.28.05quincy cageCambridge, MAw/ dreamhouse, crude hill bill's blue pills, heart2heart
07.23.05parking lotLong Island City, NYw/ Lightning Bolt, Afrirampo, Aa, USAISAMONSTER, Free Blood, Japanther, Parts and Labor, Growing, MAtt & Kim
09.30.05massachusetts college of artBoston, MAw/ usaisamonster, fat day, kites, life partners
10.01.05nom d'artisteBoston, MA[eloe omoe "with horns" (david gross and keith waters)] w/ vampire belt, carlos giffoni, heart2heart
10.02.05okie streetProvidence, RIw/ Vampire Belt, Hepatitis D Youth, Val
10.07.05hoarse stableSomerville, MAw/ nautical almanac, ADHD, Attitude Problem, dieAradical, byron house
10.27.05great scottAllston, MAw/ miminokoto, heathen shame, donna parker
01.22.06P.A.'s LoungeSomerville, MAFaces of Death 2: Grizzle vs The Rainey w/ David gross vs Bhob Rhainey, jessica rylan + dugan hayes, glacier park
03.10.06chutney flatsPortsmouth, NHw/ Landed, Massaccesi, skyjacker, bif rike SNM
03.15.06Prescott Tavern Hampshire CollegeAmherst, MAw/ vampire belt, thurston moore/leslie keffer, lambsbread, bromp treb
03.19.06The hookBrooklyn, NYNO FUN FEST w/ Wolf Eyes, Smegma, Solmania, Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori, Aaron Dilloway, Zbigniew Karkowski and Carlos Giffoni, Lee Ranaldo,Chris Corsano,Bill Nace, Can't, 16 Bitch Pile Up, Zaimph, SJ (Sutcliffe Jugend), MAcronympha, Daniel Menche, James Twig Harper, White Rock, Bloodyminded, Hive Mind, C.P.T., Borbetomagus, No Neck Blues Band, Astromero, Leslie Keffer and Thurston Moore, John Wiese, Prurient, Fat Worm of Error, Shackamaxon, Landed, Grunt, Bone Awl, Deathpile, Sickness, Air Conditioning, aodl, SIXES, Hans Grusel's Kranken Kabinet, Chronicles of Lemur Mutation, Tarantism, Noel Von Harmonson, Pod Blotz, Antiear, Spider Compass, Burning Graveyards+Corsano,Spencer Yeh, Skaters, Ex Cocaine, Sick Llama, Raven Strain, The Beast
04.01.06casa del popolo Montreal, PQw/ sunburned hand of the man, franklin's mint
04.08.06nom d'artiste Boston, MA(ed wilcox/tim leanse duo) w/ steve mackay, skaters, sunburned (small combo set)
04.29.06Democracy CenterCambridge, MARecord Hospital Fest w/ fat worm of error, carlos giffoni, dynasty, shawn greenlee, tim hecker, lucky dragons, dj c
05.15.06P.A.'s LoungeSomerville, MAw/ pengo, anna rampage (Bill Nace, Paul Flaherty, Greg Kelly, Ben Karetnick)
07.07.06AdvocateCambridge, MAw/ Vampire Can't, Noise Nomads, Val
09.29.06Building 13Providence, RIw/ MoHa!, fat worm of error, buddyship
10.06.06Nom D'artisteBoston, MAw/ OVO, fat worm of error, MAjor mudd, hhy scumclash
11.28.06 Pat's in the FlatsCleveland, OHw/ a real knife head, dead peasant insurance
11.29.06 SkylabColumbus, OHw/ lambsbread, the new flesh, bath house
11.30.06 The Frowny BearLexington, KYw/ hair police, wretched worst
12.01.06Museum of Contemporary Art DetroitDetroit, MIw/ midlife vacation, uvu
12.02.06Raven PitYpsilanti, MIw/ hair police, dead machines
12.03.06The Anchor InnSouth Bend, INw/ kocho bisexual
12.04.06 Hall MallIowa City, IAw/ youth of the beast, lwa, panther antler
12.05.06Mister CityChicago, ILw/ the new flesh
12.07.06 Diamond ShinersAkron, OHw/ emeralds, tusco terror, evenomist
12.08.06The Braddock International Gallery of ArtPittsburgh, PAw/ slices, sun tornado, lord bird golden cobra + F-TCRPS Braddock, PA
12.09.061801 N. HowardPhiladelphia, PAw/ buddy ship buggin, company corvette, angel dust
02.24.07Nom D'artisteBoston, MAw/ lambsbread, graveyards, heathen shame, sick llama
03.12.07Charlie's KitchenCambridge, MAw/ major stars, conversions, greg kelley
03.28.07P.A.'s LoungeSomerville, MAw/ hototogisu
05.09.09market hotelBrooklyn, NYUSAISAMONSTER LAST SHOW EVER w/ USA IS A MONSTER, Awesome Color, Animental, Tunnel of Love, Jason Crumer, Juiceboxxx, Hot Box, Bow Ribbons, Buck Gooter, dj Dre Skull, dj Shades
06.08.09elevensNorthampton, MAw/ fat worm or error, noise nomads
03.14.11They, who Sound Avant GardenHouston, TXw/ Dave Dove/Sandy Ewen
01.02.12Super Happy Fun LandHouston TX(Eloe Omoe with Lucio Mengon) w/ Damon Smith/Sandy Ewen, Joey Molinaro
02.15.12North DoorAustin, TXw/ Cut Hands, DJ Tesco Jane
03.31.12Bar à BateauAntwerp, Belgiumw/ Justice Yeldham, Bruital Orgasme
04.05.12OCCIIAmsterdam, Netherlandsw/ Drum Eyes, Dead Neanderthals, Roman Pilates
04.27.12Countercrawl IV Super Happy Fun LandHouston, TX
10.06.12Super Happy Fun LandHouston TXw/ Improvisational Noise Orchestra, Tollem Electric
10.26.12Vinal EdgeHouston, TXw/ Crawl, Kruds
02.15.13Vinal EdgeHouston, TXw/ Amputee, Trough
04.29.13RudyardsHouston, TXw/ Thrones, Omotai